Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few things that I'm gonna cast first!

The tank, seat, and faring for my RD400 project will one day be polished aluminum. I'll also be making side covers to fit the new rear end. I'm thinking, I'll just make the side covers out of plastic for now. The tank and seat have a bad fit up so my plan is to make an oil bag for the two stroke oil to fit the gap. The cast tank will have the oil tank inside. I'll also be taking a few inches out of its width to show some engine fins, and to make it fit up to the seat better.

Making Hydro forming dies?

I came across a question about hydro forming two stroke exhaust pipes on a motorcycle forum the other day.
One of the guys replies got me thinking about casting a die mold to help form the pipe. Man, I was up all night last Sunday thinking about this. By using a die, you could make the parts come out identical to one another no problem. At the moment, I'm thinking a bronze die with an aluminum backing cast on to it. Just another thing I want to do. I better live a long time so I can get half the stuff I want to do done!

Heres a link to a set of pipes being hydro formed. Neat stuff!

Haha! When I started a thread over on the metal casting site about the idea, all the replies had to do with one guys avatar.