Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haven't posted anything in a while.

Just been so busy getting other things taken care of, I haven't had much time to be thinking about metal casting. Sux! Been checking out video on youtube of other peoples foundries. At least till I can get my own thing going. I was gonna start making some stuff despite my shithead landlord, but the other day the fucker turned off the power to my garage. The first time I go out there to work on my bike since January and the little prick drives by and does that to me. Still pissed off about it even though its been almost a week now. I guess he would rather I fix my clutch in his fucking living room area! So it don't look like I'm gonna be able to get much of anything going till after I go back to work and can get out of this place.

I'm sure Ive mentioned ARD before. Nobody makes them, are rarer than hens teeth, and twice as espensive.

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