Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cafe Scrambler Seat. "Let the carving begin"

From this,

To this. 
I'm happy with the way its looking! 

What a mess on the floor!

Marked the high spots, resharpened the knife, and cut em all off.

Done carving! I was a bit nervous about the carving. I'm no sculptor. This was as easy as eating pancakes though. I only cut myself once when the knife was getting dull. Gotta have some blood with every project to keep it real!

First thin coat of drywall mud. Like frosting a cake.

This morning I went out and added a second coat of mud. Things were not as dry as I had hoped from last night. Looks like its done raining for a while. I may bring it up and put it out on the patio table in the sun. I also added a layer of plastic mesh over the seat area. One of these days, when its dry, I'll trim off the excess mesh, and add more to the sides and hump. Starting to look like a cafe seat! Stoked!!! I still have a good 1/4" of mud to float.

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