Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This tank will look BAD ASS in aluminum!

I took this pic at last years VVMC party. I don't know for sure, but if its not an original race tank, then its probably a repop made by my friends over at Air-Tech. http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/
Ive posted about them a few times over on my old blog. http://newbluecollarmoto.blogspot.com/ They make about every race faring, tank, and seat combo you can imagine for every make of bike on the planet! They use a high end jell coat sprayed on the mold to get some super high quality parts. 

Why am I giving a shout out to the competition you may ask? 

Because, they make some great stuff, but not in aluminum. I plan to be making my custom seats in fiberglass as well as aluminum. (not anything they make) I plan to do some racing tanks in aluminum. A few mods here and there I'm sure from what they offer. Like with the tank pictured above. I would move the fuel cap to the right hand side. On a race bike it doesn't matter since the bikes are placed on stands when parked. I'm making stuff for bikes on the street though. Kickstands on the left, gas caps on the right. In Ca, (and other states) ya are not allowed to use a glass tank anymore on a street bike. The pump gas eats it up. Now with ALUMINUM, ya can run what ya brung anywhere! 

I'm already wanting to set up a foam plug for this tank! Gotta finish what Ive already started first though.

So to answer my question about why I would give a shout out to my competition. They are not competitors. They are people I have a ton of respect for, and I wont be making the same stuff they are.
Check em out and drool over the pix!
I do often.
Bike porn!

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