Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting geared up to make some seat molds.

(Pic borrowed from the Internet)

Looking forward to starting some molds next week.
1st with foam.
2nd with plaster.
3rd with fiberglass.
4th with aluminum.

I'll make two fiberglass seats for each pattern. One for the aluminum pattern, and another to run on the bike being fitted for the seat out of glass. When I'm ready, I'll send out word to all who would be interested in having one of these seats on their bike. I'll give the loaner/donor the second fiberglass seat for the cost of the glass used to make it. Thats almost free.
I'm thinking the first one after my CL360 will be for a CB750, or a RD.
Could even be for a Sportster?


  1. Sign me up...I'm thinking on my DT400. You ain't still mad are you? Ain't seen you on FB lately

  2. Sure Kev. No, not pissed anymore. Another guy did something that got me going and holding the bag, and when I read what ya had posted it set me on fire.